Stone Temple Coffees Infusions - Mandarin Orange, Whole Bean, Certified Organic / Fairtrade 400g bag

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Stone Temple Coffees brings another dimension to the coffee industry with their Infusions line of flavored coffee. This medium roasted product line is crafted from certified Organic / Fairtrade coffee sourced from Peru. Go beyond the taste depths with these exotic flavors of coffee that are sure to make your mouth water for more. A propriety blend of nuts, caramels and a hint of coconut make this exotic flavor of coffee come to life.  

According to genetic studies, the mandarin was one of the original citrus species.  Through breeding or natural hybridization, it is the ancestor of many hybrid citrus cultivars. Mandarins are one of the core ancestral citrus taxa, and are thought to have evolved in regions including South China, Japan in East Asia, Vietnam and Southeast Asia.  Mandarins appear to have been domesticated at least twice, in the north and south Nanling Mountains. Wild mandarins are still found there, including Daoxian and Mangshan mandarins. Stone Temple Coffees has .....