Stone Temple Coffee Company's Coffee Leaf Rust Mission

Our mission is to provide Central American coffee farmers with sustainable approaches for coffee production. Our main focus is on coffee plant devastation caused by Hemileia vastatrix, otherwise known as Coffee Leaf Rust, CLR.

It is our goal to educate the general public on this worldwide coffee plant epidemic. Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) has direct and indirect economic impacts on coffee production. Direct impacts include decreased quantity and quality of yield produced by the diseased plant. Indirect impacts include increased costs to combat and control the disease. Methods of combating and controlling the disease have included fungicide application and stumping diseased plants and replacing them with resistant breeds. Both methods include significant labor and material costs and in the case of stumping, include a years-long decline in production (coffee seedlings are not fully productive for three to five years after planting).

Stone Temple Coffee Company is here to revolutionize the future of the coffee industry by providing leading-edge eco-friendly biotechnology. Our Company is currently working on an organic bio spray program that will make it possible for Central American coffee farmers to finally have an opportunity to increase their revenues through bio-friendly fertilizer applications.

It is our goal to work with the Central American governments in order to replace harmful fungicides that are now considered obsolete in today's eco-farming practices. We are here to provide a product that combats CLR and provides a cure to several other deficiencies, such as drought, that plants suffer during harsh weather conditions.

In order to achieve our goal, we use a portion of our coffee sales to assist with research and development on actual existing coffee farms in Honduras and El Salvador.

We are currently looking to expand our coffee sales in order to accomplish our goals. Anyone wanting to help is encouraged to purchase our coffee. Stone Temple Coffee Company is also planning to set up a funding campaign in the near future. Vendors that would be interested in helping this great cause while enjoying the sales benefits from excellent tasting coffee are free to contact us through our website.

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