Our Team

our team

Ryan Saunders
Founder/ CEO 

Ryan Saunders is an entrepreneur who has worked on several product developments in Honduras. The Acaxu Cashew Wine project and other exotic fruit wines of Honduras was the first major market undertaking. Working in partnership with small wine developers and producers of exotic fruits with the task of growing commerce and creating a new market in Roatan, Honduras. Ryan has also featured his company brand of coffees from several regions in Honduras.

Now back in Canada, he has teamed up with several associates and family members to present his new company, Stone Temple Coffees. A coffee company aimed at bringing North America’s attention to Coffee Leaf Rust devastation. The number one of the leading cause of coffee plant decline, next to drought. 


our team

Ross Saunders
Canadian Sales Management

Ross served for several years at Prince Edward Heights Community for Social Care. Originally a counselor there, he worked way to a top ranking position of Facility Charge Management. Later moving to a private sector job with Pathways to Independence, upon closure of the government operated facility. He also served three years as Adolphustown park manager for St. Lawrence Parks Canada for a period of three years. Ross enjoys hunting, fishing and the great outdoors in general. His passion for social communication and background in social care make him a well loved guy in the Prince Edward County community. He is now head of sales for Stone Temple Coffees and can be reached at info@stonetemplecoffees.com


Stevae Weible

Eastern USA Sales Management 

Stevae has held many job hats over his career. His our current acting sales manger for Eastern United States. Stevae is a resourceful representive in several area of expertise. He has held positions in law enforcement, marine biology, fitness training and the medical industry. He has a passion for fitness, photography and scuba diving.


our team

Saudy Saunders
Forgien Relations Manager / Inventory Manager / Administrator 

Originally born and raised in Comayagua, Honduras. Saudy has played an active administrative role within different sectors of IT technical assistance in Roatan, Honduras as well as recently working for LABTES. Saudy has joined the Stone Temple Coffee team as our current head of foreign relations. She has a passion for micro biology and travel. Her attention to detail and perfection make her an important asset in the company.


Jamie Coutts

Head of Research and Development

Jamie's uniqueness and willingness to help others is truly noted. Born in Scotland, a former veteran, Jamie moved to El Salvador in 1990 as a human rights activist. After several months of volunteer work at refugee camps lead him to eventually end up living in the country for almost 25 years. Jamie's commitment in the early 1990's with the United Communities of Usulutan, also known as Comus, a cooperative of coffee farmers, has made him a true leader. Comus helps over 2000 people, in everything from organic coffee production, sales, healthcare, education, water and sanitation. Jamie's main focus has been with organic coffee production and farming techniques. He has assisted over a thousand farmers throughout the region and enjoys sharing his knowledge of agriculture to date.


our team

Edy Castellanos
Legal Advisor / Central America Relations

Edy has worked in several Honduran Institutions as legal advisor in his 26 years as a practicing lawyer specializing in international law. He has major roles with the Ministry of labor of Honduras, as well as the Education Bureau of Science and Technology. Edy has also served as an English teacher at the National University of Honduras and bilingual schools throughout his career. He is currently a faculty member at National College of Defense Armed Forces of Honduras. His services to date include legal advisory at Oro Uno, Minerals of Central Americal, and Minera Wright mining companies. He presently provides a management role at MúllññCoro. Edy is currently assisting Stone Temple Coffees’ Research and Development Team with adopting an bio-organic spray program to combat Coffee Leaf Rust throughout Central America.


our team

Juan Marquez

Consultant/ Coffee Farmer/ Writer/ Photographer  

Juan Francisco Marquez is a third generation coffee grower from El Salvador. His life has been dedicated to advising coffee farmers alongside his father with their family operated company know as ‘Lean Coffee Management.’ The company focuses on innovative coffee production processes oriented towards low cost initiatives for farmers. The family maintains an excellent reputation with their coffee agricultural advisory service. Juan is very passionate about coffee production, sustainability and respect for nature.