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It all started back in 2011 in the popular island Destination of Roatan, Honduras. After having been a professional Scuba Diving Instructor for several years in the Caribbean, Ryan Saunders felt the need to start a new project. Thus, Stone Temple Holdings was created as a multifunctional company with plans to house and grow other companies. With several options on the table, Ryan had the idea to market a traditional Honduran native cashew wine. Although, popular in Belize, the Roatan Market needed more originality and flare for the tourist market. He would soon meet Carlos Talavera, a Honduran Engineer whom had a passion for making the unique wine, but had troubles with marketing. The pair of them got together and dusted off Carlos’ shelved wine project for another go. They spent the next year redesigning the labels and Carlos perfected his wine making, upgrading his laboratory while Ryan set his sights on a fresh marketing campaign.

Soon after Acaxu Cashew Wine was launched in Roatan, and although off to a slow start, it would quickly gain traction in the Tourist marketplace. It was from here where the company began to take shape and other local wines, soaps and coffees were brought into the fold. A full on artisan distribution company was created in order to assist local native Honduran residents with an opportunity to have a distinct artisan goods distribution company.

Looking to further his own passion for the love of coffee, the brand Stone Temple Coffees was created in early 2014 for Stone Temple Holdings to distribute throughout the Bay Islands market. In attempts to be the second Honduran company to link all six coffee growing regions of Honduras together, in order to create one coffee line that represented each region. 

In the process of organizing this large undertaking, Ryan began working closer with local coffee farmers. As company matters were in progress, he had taken note that there was a more serious issue at hand with the local farmers. The Roya outbreaks were most notably devastating and after some research on the matter, Ryan became aware that this was a serious global issue that he had never known about.

Although efforts were being made to combat CLR, farmers were still struggling after years of being plagued from fungus due to it’s ability to mutate over time. Something needed to be done.

In the on set of The Bay Islands of Honduras only being a seasonal market for tourism, Stone Temple Holdings would come to a close as too many obstacles lay in the way to continue.  Ryan moved back to his hometown, Prince Edward County, in Ontario Canada in 2016. He would marry his Honduran wife Saudy in January 2017. Together they would develop a new Canadian coffee company. Stone Temple Coffees was born in July of 2017.

Now armed with full knowledge of the 'from farm to table' process involved with coffee production and the heartaches that come with it, the decision was made to help make a difference.

It therefore, became Stone Temple Coffee Company's mission to provide Central American coffee farmers with sustainable approaches for coffee production. The major focus being on coffee plant devastation caused by Hemileia vastatrix, otherwise known as Coffee Leaf Rust, or CLR.

 The goal being to educate the general public on this worldwide coffee plant epidemic. Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) has direct and indirect economic impacts on coffee production. Direct impacts include decreased quantity and quality of yield produced by the diseased plant. Indirect impacts include increased costs to combat and control the disease. Methods of combating and controlling the disease have included fungicide application and stumping diseased plants and replacing them with resistant breeds. 

Stone Temple Coffee Company is in the process to revolutionize the future of the coffee industry by providing leading edge eco friendly bio technology. The Coffee Company is currently working on an organic bio spray program that will make it possible for Central American coffee farmers to finally have an opportunity to increase their revenues through bio friendly fertilizer applications.

Stone Temple Coffee Company's future goal is to work with the Central American governments in order to replace harmful fungicides that are now considered obsolete in today's eco farming practices. We are here to provide a product that combats CLR and provides a cure to several other deficiencies, such as drought, that plants suffer during harsh weather conditions.

In order to achieve this goal, a portion of Stone Temple Coffee sales goes to assist with research and development on actual existing coffee farms in Honduras and El Salvador.

With Expansion into the American market in 2020 and sights set reach the United Kingdom in 2021 Stone Temple Coffees is gaining popularity with coffee drinkers from all walks of life. Ryan and Saudy have further plans in developing a unique franchise setup for the company in 2023.


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