The Top 10 Things to do in Prince Edward County

Top Ten Things to do in Prince Edward County

 Prince Edward County

When in Prince Edward County there are several attractions for new comers and long time locals to stay entertained with.

 Whether your a birder, swimmer or cyclist Prince Edward County has activities for everyone any time of the year. From ice fishing to ice cream something can be always enjoyed on the island. Prince Edward County or PEC for short has a rich loyalist history and maritime history. For those whom love museums there is much to be had and seen along with a lovely Arts Trail that can also toured.

Here is a list of some the things that everyone loves to do when visiting Prince Edward County. We hope you get the time to enjoy a few.

10. Visit the Famer's Markets in Wellington and Picton on the weekends.

9. Dine at gourmet restaurants, bars and sample eats on The Taste Trail.

8. Nature hiking, biking and visiting Lake On The Mountain with a Ferry Ride.

7. Shop local famers for Maple Syrup and honey or visit the cheese factory in          Black Creek.

6. Tour the beer breweries and discover local crafted beer.   

5. Visit the Apple Orchards and Cideries. Pick your own apples in the fall.

4. Take a wine tour of the several wineries that PEC has to offer.

3. Hike the conservation areas of Little Bluff, Macaulay Mountain and Bird                House City.

2. Visit the Sandbanks Provincial Park and West Lake Sand Dunes.

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