Stone Temple Coffees - Honduran House Roast Whole Bean

Honduran House Roast - Whole Bean, Medium Roast, Certified Organic OCIA/ Fairtrade Coffee 1lb/454g

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This is our signature roast! Guaranteed to please almost anyone. Extremely well balanced with a nice full body. Mild acidity that delivers a pleasing taste from start to finish. A coffee that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime!

Cupping Notes: Carmel, Golden raisin, pecan, cream, black cherry.

Barista Notes: Very well balanced flavor, a naturally sweet coffee that needs to be in every coffee collection.

Chef Notes: Take this coffee beyond excellent dessert dishes. This delivers well in all food recipes and provides fewer oils making it more suitable for yogurt and fruit pairings. Be sure to fine-grind before adding to your favorite recipes.

 Honduran House Roast Overview 

Honduras is a Central American country that sits between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Coffee plantations have existed there for over two centuries, although until recently coffee was second to bananas in terms of exports. The majority of coffee is grown on small farms manned by almost a million workers in the harvesting and processing season from November to March.

The coffee is full-bodied, sweet, and mild. Vanilla and hazelnut constitute its aroma, while the flavor has been described as chocolatey and nutty. For many years, the mild taste of Honduran coffee made it well-suited to balancing out blends, but within the last decade, the Honduran government has invested extensive amounts of time, effort, and money in revolutionizing their coffee industry, and the coffee has jumped up into the position of being internationally sought after; Honduras now produces 4% of the world’s coffee.

The beans are wet-processed (washed) and classified by the altitude at which they were grown: Strictly High Grown, High Grown, and Standard. The best quality is Strictly High Grown grade, where the altitude facilitates slower growth, increasing the time for nutrients and minerals to infuse the bean and give a more robust flavor. Bird-friendly or Shade-grown varieties within the Strictly High Grown grade coffee signifies that the coffee trees are mixed with other types of foliage that provide shade and slow down the growing process, even more, increasing the flavor further still.

There is a decent amount of variety in Honduran coffee, although most of it is grown in the central mountains. While exported coffee is monolithically labeled as Honduran, there are actually a number of regions, each producing beans with a distinct taste and aroma. Those from Copan have a chocolate flavor, while those from Opalaca are on the fruitier side. Monticello and Comayagua are marked by citrus accents, while those from Agalta allude to tropical fruit and caramel, and those from El Paraiso offer a balanced flavor of sweetness and citrus.