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Mocha Java - Whole Bean, Medium Roast, Certified Organic OCIA / Fairtrade Coffee 1lb/454g

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Regarded as one of the world’s premier blends, this marriage of Indonesian Sumatra and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe will delight you with its smoothness and intensity. The invention of Yemeni sailors, its flavor is an ancient combination of wine and chocolate.

Cupping Notes: Red Wine, Black Tea, Grass, Wood, Bakers Chocolate, Smoke.

Barista Notes: The rich flavor of this coffee makes it a standalone star as a beverage, although intensely flavored, spicy food will create a fantastic pairing. Also recommended for cold brew.  

Chef Notes: This bold earth-toned flavored coffee is unique for use in beef jerky recipes and is well worth experimenting with smoked cheeses. It even goes great with other red meats either in the oven or on the grill.


Mocha Java Overview 

Mocha Java, traditionally a blend of Arabian Mocha and Indonesian Java, is said to be the oldest coffee blend in history, bringing together two diverse beans in a complementary union that facilitates highlighting each one of their unique qualities—intensity and wildness from the Mocha and clean brightness from the Java.

Beans from Yemen (a small country on the Arabian Peninsula that has been growing coffee since the 1400s) were shipped to the port of Mocha, where sailors returning from Java (Indonesia) combined the two beans in a serendipitous blend that has been a boon to caffeine-lovers ever since.

Today, not all coffee makers adhere to the original formula, but substitute other prime quality coffees from around the world, such as those grown in Ethiopia, in place of the Yemen Mocha, especially in light of the fact that political conflicts have made beans from Yemen all but impossible to come by. They have fine-tuned the mixture and proportions to make a drink that is popular and tasty in their alchemist’s quest to make the perfect Mocha Java.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, our Mocha component, is one of the world’s premier Arabica beans. It’s sweet, spicy, fragrant, and full of flavor facilitated by its slow growth at high altitudes. Described as full-bodied, bright, and clean, it’s been said to carry undertones of wine, berries, flowers, coconut, chocolate, nuts, and incredibly wide variety. With something for everybody, it’s a premier-grade coffee all around the world.

Sumatran Java tends toward a lower brightness and acidity, and the earthy tastes (facilitated by some degree of fermentation in the processing) can allude to wild mushrooms, bell peppers, herbs, peat, and chocolate, and people have compared its taste to high-end alcohol like Scotch.

The fire of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the earthy tones of Indonesian Java come together to create a truly memorable blend with an ancient history and global popularity. The complexity and balance of the Mocha Java make it an excellent choice for espresso roasting, and its qualities come to the fore in a dark roast.

Interesting side notes: Cafe Mocha is a drink that’s half chocolate and half coffee, served at many cafes and restaurants, and packaged and sold at many grocery stores. However, this chocolate-coffee combo bears no relation to the Mocha Java blend.