Colombian Supremo - Ground, Medium Roast, Certified Organic OCIA/ Fairtrade Coffee 80g

Colombian Supremo - Ground, Medium Roast, Certified Organic OCIA/ Fairtrade Coffee 80g

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Colombia is world-renowned for its coffee-growing abilities. Supremo is one of the most sought-after coffees today. This coffee offers a rich, medium body with nutty overtones. It provides you with a smooth finish due to it having a well-balanced acidity level.

Cupping Notes: Pecan, Nougat, Dark Chocolate, Cola, Walnut.

Barista Notes: The smoothness and light hints of fruit in this easy-going brew make it a great choice for a mellow morning wake-up. The beans do well light or dark roasted, providing a versatility that can accommodate most coffee drinkers.

Chef’s Notes: Colombian Supremo is such a versatile coffee that it can be used as a starting point in any coffee recipe. Avid chefs can use this coffee as a mid reference to make future decisions as to how they want to enhance the same dish with a different coffee. It is recommended this coffee be treated as a ‘go-to’ coffee when it comes to starting out.


Colombian Supremo Overview

 Colombia is a mid-sized country in the northwest region of South America, sharing a border with other Latin American republics such as Panama, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Its broad area comprises several geographic regions such as rainforest, grassland, and coastline.

 Colombia is a global leader in the exportation of coffee, producing as much as 12% of the world’s foremost caffeinated beverage. Its rich-tasting, medium-bodied coffee is known for its smoothness and versatility while carrying a slight citrus-like acidity in its mild hints of fruitiness.

 The Arabica beans of Colombia are grown on tens of thousands of small farms before they are collected, washed, milled, and exported by the Colombian Coffee Federation, which oversees the locally started process to a nationally supervised conclusion and exportation, resulting in uniformly excellent levels of quality and a steady supply.

 The beans are grown high above sea level (1,200 - 2,000 meters), and are mostly harvested in Fall and early Winter, although Colombia’s large geographic size means that in some places, the harvest happens between Spring and Summer.

 The three most distinguished Colombian coffee types (Medellin, Armenia, and Manizales) are named for the regions in which they’re grown and often bundled and sold together to streamline the business.

 Colombian coffees are most popular for enjoyment as a morning beverage due to their smoothness and light hints of fruit. Famous for easy drinking, the beans are versatile and do well dark or light roasted. While there are several different growing regions, a common theme throughout is their sweet chocolate flavor, aromas that carry a hint of spice, and accents of fruit that allude to caramel, apple, and berries.

 The beans are great for espressos, because of their mild flavor, and can be dark roasted without acquiring too much bitterness. Colombia exports coffee so regularly and with such consistency, the sheer volume of beans brings the price down, making them an affordable means of mellowing out a blend. In fact, Colombian beans form the base for many commercial espresso brands.