Stone Temple Coffees - Mayan Bold 5lb whole bean bag.

Mayan Bold - Whole Bean, Bold Medium Roast, Certified Organic OCIA/ Fairtrade Coffee 5lb Bulk Bag

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An award-winning secret arabica varietal blend of coffee beans. Each batch is carefully blended to produce a near-perfect combination of taste and body. The resulting cup has a nice subtle aroma, well-rounded flavour, and smooth finish. 

Cupping Notes: Bittersweet chocolate, hibiscus, black currant, jasmine, honeysuckle.

Barista Notes: This bold medium roast coffee offers a superb complement to milk and is, therefore, one of the best choices for making lattes. Roasted just until the bean first cracks, it offers a stronger coffee flavour to your cup without an over-rich body.

Chef Notes:  An excellent medium-dark roast coffee that provides a bolder flavor, making it ideal for the best BBQ seasoning recipes or chicken, pork & steak rubs.

🏆 Winner of “The Cup of Excellence” The Toronto Coffee and Tea Expo 2019🏆

Mayan Bold Overview 

Home to the ancient cities of the Mayas and the Inca, Honduras, and Peru are some of the top players in the coffee exportation game. Peru is world-famous for its organic coffees, and Honduran coffee is globally renowned for its full-bodied sweetness and mild nature. Combining these two premier beans with the produce of several mysterious Central American countries has yielded a blend that is perfect for mixing with milk to make lattes or cappuccinos.

South America itself is an incredibly diverse region with several different geographic and climatic zones, from mountainous jungle to coastal plains, and the wide variety of climates, soils, and altitudes have yielded a number of different flavors, aromas, and aftertastes, from chocolate to citrus to vanilla to nuts. We’ve taken the time to sift through the wide variety of coffees produced by this unique region, and selected those which would facilitate the best aroma, flavor, and finish.

Coffee has been combined with milk for ages, and the two of them (separately or together) have been staples in European dining since the 18th century. Latte in Italian, Cafe con Leche in Spain, and Cafe au Lait in French, the act of blending coffee and milk together yields a smooth, sweet, and tasty treat that’s been popularized the world over as an after-dinner drink or a snack on the go. It’s a commercial success within the United States that has made the coffee-milk combination a household name in all its permutations: iced, blended, hot, and seasoned.