Peruvian Escape Fairtrade/ Organic Coffee

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A nice single origin coffee that has a mild body, matched with light acidity that provides a complex flavour profile. Allow yourself to escape with this fine Peruvian mountain grown coffee at your soonest convenience.

Cupping Notes: Wheat, Milk Chocolate, Black Current

Peruvian Escape Overview 

Peru is a longitudinally-oriented South American country that lies along the Pacific Ocean and is home to rainforest and mountain ranges. Most famous for being the historical land of the Incas, Peru is also home to a coffee industry that produces a gentle, aromatic, and flavorful variety with some mild acidity. The Urubamba and Chanchamayo varieties of coffee are its most famous.

Urubamba grows in the south, near the legendary Inca city Machu Picchu. Chanchamayo, regarded as Peru’s premium variety, grows in the central region of the country, on the western side of the Andes Mountains as they slope down toward the jungle valley of Chanchamayo.

Chanchamayo has a medium body, delightful flavors and aromas, with moderate amounts of acidity. Occasionally it will be light bodied with bright acidity. It’s been described as soft, sweet, smooth, delicate, and well-balanced, having a chocolate, nutty taste and tones of sweet citrus both in terms of aroma and flavor, and also in the aftertaste.

Peru has become well known in the organic coffee trade as well, exporting mellow flavored coffee at competitive prices, often becoming the most affordable organic coffee option in many places. While you’ll find that Peruvian organic coffee is more common and lower priced than other options at stores and roasters, don’t assume that the price marks a lapse in quality, because it doesn’ the contrary, it’s an excellent quality mild coffee to add into your pantry.

The environmental conditions of Peru that facilitate its great coffee also have made it a place for solid cocoa growth. The high altitude, tropical climate, and rich soil combine to make a chocolate that is respected and well received around the world, Together, coffee and cocoa make up the number one and two commodities of Peru; they’re such an integral part of its economy and culture, they’re even stamped on certain denominations of currency.