Dark Temple - Ground, Dark French Roast, Certified Organic OCIA/ Fairtrade Coffee 80g

Dark Temple - Ground, Dark French Roast, Certified Organic OCIA/ Fairtrade Coffee 80g

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A dark-roasted arabica varietal blend of South American coffee beans, carried to a point just beyond French Roast, create a beverage of bold flavors from two of South America’s premier coffee-growing countries. The strong taste of this roast will match your intensity and satisfy your craving for the darker things in life.  

Cupping Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Cacao Nibs, Bakers Chocolate, Dark Chocolate.

Barista Notes: Great for Spanish Coffee as intense chocolate flavors pairs air well with after-dinner desserts.

Chef Notes: Excellent for pairing with desserts. Cakes and fruit-based desserts are highly recommended.

Dark Temple Overview

Honduras and Peru are two countries with some geographical distance between them, but they share an affinity in the area of coffee exportation. While Honduras sits between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Peru stretches along the Andean Coast of South America, but in both places, colonial Spanish and ancient Indigenous cultures have blended to form unique traditions and practices in the areas of food, art, music, and coffee.  

In Honduras, the majority of the coffee is grown on small farms manned by a large number of workers from the late fall to early spring. Just recently, coffee has caught up to bananas in terms of exportation quantity, and Honduran Coffee is renowned for providing a stabilizing base for blends.

As for Peru, it’s become famous for producing a premier variety of organic coffee, mostly grown on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains, where the altitude, soil, and climate combine to form excellent conditions for chocolate and coffee growth, two of Peru's longstanding main agricultural products—so popular, in fact, that cocoa and coffee beans are even on the currency.  

The best quality Honduran beans are the Strictly High Grown, where the altitude has given ample time for the beans to become infused with extra nutrients and flavor. Bird-friendly or shade-grown varieties indicate that extra foliage provides additional shade to slow down the growing process and facilitate the development of even more flavor.

Bringing the products of these two countries together in a dark roasted blend combines the full-bodied, sweet, and mild coffee of Honduras with the medium-bodied, soft, smooth, and bright beans of Peru to form a memorable marriage of caffeinated cultures. Chocolate, nuts, vanilla, and sweet citrus are just a few of the hints you may find in the aroma, flavor, and aftertaste of such a blend.