Stone Temple Tea - Rooibos Chai 50g

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Rooibos Chai

Rooibos Chai is a caffeine-free blend of organic rooibos, cardamom, and cloves, which produces a simple, lightly spiced, and excellent afternoon tea. It is a very simple blend of spiced herbal tea; but in simplicity comes great flavor. Our Rooibos Chai captures the most basic fragrance, flavor, and essence of spiced herbal tea, and thus enhances the spiced tea experience.


Rooibos*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, cloves* (*organic)


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup
Steeping Temp: 100°C
Steeping Time: 2 to 5 mins.
Origin: India
Caffeine: Caffeine Free
Certification: Organic
Aroma: Fruity, spicy
Infusion Aroma: Fruity, spicy
Infusion Color: Deep Amber
Infusion Strength: Medium

Story, Folklore, History

Chai or Tea? 'Chai' is the generic Hindi word for 'tea'. It has been associated with the concept of 'spiced tea' since the most popular tea in India is spiced black tea, however chai literally means 'tea' and nothing more. Those who refer to spiced tea as Chai Tea are in fact simply saying 'Tea tea' which makes no sense. We use the word 'chai' when referring to our spiced teas in acknowledgement the western evolution of the word.